I'm not scared of anything

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taking on the big guns || Eva & Levi 

Going on missions was something that Eva was no unaccustomed to, however, going on one with essentially the boss of Lager was pretty unnerving. With the beat of the helicopter rotor steady in her ears, she made her final checks: she had food packets, a small camera, a handgun, a small knife and all other essentials in a lightweight backpack, a parachute- just in case, and her mission brief in her hand. The girl was wearing a figure hugging lycra suit over cleverly thin bullet proof armour. It was the perfect outfit for her- the distraction, that was usually Eva’s main job, but she wanted to do more this time, she really wanted to impress Levi. Perhaps he would spread news to her father that she was doing well, and then maybe the elder Clark might reward her with a little attention.

"Mexico, hm?" Eva commented, trying to make conversation. She had never really spoken to Levi before and was slightly less confident around him than she would be with any other acquaintance. Everyone spoke of the paperwork and jobs Levi made them do, though, Eva wasn’t scared of him. The fiery redhead wasn’t scared of anything. "What’s our plan?" she had to shout over the noise of the helicopter. Eva felt honoured to have been paired with Levi for this mission, she didn’t know how it was decided, but she was sure that she could learn a lot from him, especially with his years of experience. She leaned over and looked out of the window, though could see nothing of interest beneath them, there was still a couple of hours of travel and preparation to go.

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